Fresco Lime

Pure & Original Fresco Lime Wash Wall

Fresco Lime Paint is made with 100% natural mineral paint composed of quick lime and all natural pigments. When applied, Fresco Lime will become a part of the surface, not merely resting on the top of the substrate like latex paints. The final finish is one of matte, unique shades and strokes – very similar to a European plaster appearance, depending upon how it is brushed on.

Environmentally friendly, lime paint is a centuries old finish used as early as 1500BC. Fresco’ is Italian for ‘working wet’ and is best known for Fresco wall murals throughout Europe.

This product does require a special primer to act as a barrier between it and the wall surface called Wallprim. Our Fresco Lime paint is made in the ‘old way’ and is available in 114 colours. Visit the display in-store for more details and a full-colour chart.

Marrakech Wall

Pure & Original Marrakech Lime Wall

Marrakech is a 100% mineral paint with natural pigments that can provide either a concrete finish for a tadelakt finish - a look similar to concrete resulting from an ancient Moroccan technique. The difference depends upon application but both finishes provide
a smooth, soft to the touch feel, like a stone in a stream.

This product requires a first coat of a product called Wallprim. Its ideal for many surfaces and can be rolled or brushed on and is followed by trowelling. Marrakech is
available in 114 colours, visit the display in-store for more information and a full colour-chart.

Classico Wall

Pure & Original Classico wall paint

Classico is an environmentally friendly, professional chalk and water-based paint with 100% natural mineral pigments. Its most popular use is on furniture, but is an excellent matte finish for walls because it is washable without any wax or sealer.

The final finish is a special non-gloss look and the rich deep colours of Pure & Original pigments, create an exclusive style. The matte finish is like lime paint, but with a more consistent colour, softer and velvet-like powdery feel. Available in 140 colours, you can
visit the display in-store for more information and a complete colour-chart..