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Metallic Paint Collection
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Ideal for Hospitality, Restaurants, Residential, Corporate Offices, Casinos & Theatres

When it comes to choosing a metallic paint for a do-it-yourself project, high-end decorative finish or large architectural specification, Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection™ has you covered! Our focus on metallic finishes has made us the world leader in water base metallic paints. Our Metallic Paint Collection products are available in over 4,000 paint retailers in 25 countries around the world.<

Available in 6oz, Quarts and Gallons

Coverage: 320-400 sq. ft./Gallon

Modern Masters Paint

Modern Masters Tone-On-Tone Metallic Finish How-To

Master Clear Protective Clear Topcoats

MasterClear interior/ exterior topcoat, available in a Satin (ME664) and Semi-Gloss (ME662) sheens, is a water base, one part, self-crosslinking, aliphatic polyurethane/acrylic, non-yellowing topcoat. MasterClear is formulated with UV absorbers, UV inhibitors, mar and slip aids, to create the best possible protection for Metallic Paint Collection paints without affecting the metallic shimmer. The inherent high abrasion resistance of MasterClear also extends the service life of Metallic Paints on high-traffic interior surfaces and exceeds 3,000 scrub cycles.

Available in Quarts and Gallons

Coverage: 320-400 sq. ft./Gallon

Dead Flat Varnish

These premium quality, water base, non-yellowing Dead Flat Varnishes are a water base clear finish coat formulated to have the optimum level of clarity with the least amount of sheen. They will remove undesirable variations in sheen created by using semi-gloss base coats with Decorative Glazes and allows the finish to maintain that aged effect.

Coverage: 350 - 450 sq. ft./Gallon